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Because we believe that there is a permanent and dynamical link between personal change and global change. Whilst there are many flawed systems, many otherwise simple solutions to issues become intractable because of human flaws – be it for countries in violent conflict, organisations in cultural conflict, projects in contractor conflict, individuals in personal conflict. 


Designing and facilitating processes of change - inside and out. All our programs and interventions are custom-designed. So if you have a people-related issue (involving a change in attitudes) that is complex, and goes beyond the need for a consultant who can advise the needed system changes, let’s discuss possibilities. We prioritise listening and meaningful, productive dialogue. 


We draw on a range of methodologies, including specific frameworks such as World Café, the Technology of Participation (Focussed Conversation, Consensus Workshop, Participatory Strategic Planning), Simulations, Open Space Technology, and Complexity and Network theory. Building on some external content, we generally focus on eliciting the group's wisdom.